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Classes are scheduled whenever there are 2 or 3 students signed up, from May to September.  Currently teaching the second session, space is available in early June for another group class.  Classes are normally taught Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:15-8:15 pm, total of five classes per session.

Course Outline

    Week 1

    Introduction and Orientation

    ·         Boarding the boat

    ·         Safety Equipment and safe practices

    ·         Weather, tides, local orientation, wind awareness

    ·         Rigging the boat, knots, nomenclature/vocabulary drill

    ·         Basic points of  sail under main alone; tacking, jibing, figure 8

    ·         Sailing with main and jib, proper trim on all points of sail, finding the upwind groove.

    ·         Mooring, De-rigging and putting the boat away after sailing

    Week 2

    Close Quarters, Singlehanding, Docking

    ·         Rules of the Road

    ·         Sailing to a chosen point; stopping where you want

    ·         Approaching and leaving a mooring

    ·         Sailing the boat alone (for a short time)

    ·         Docking and undocking under  sail

    ·         Handling difficult wind directions for docking and leaving the dock

    Week 3

    Person overboard recovery, Handling heavy weather, anchoring

    ·         Figure 8 and quick stop techniques for MOB return

    ·         Techniques for retrieval of heavy/unconscious victims

    ·         Proper use of marine radio

    ·         Reading the weather, predicting and preparing for adverse conditions

    ·         Reducing sail, reefing, heaving to in heavy weather

    ·         Fog strategies, sailing by the  compass, basic navigation techniques

    ·         Introduction to anchoring